Congrats to Michigan’s Serfs, the Tenth Amendment Center, and Everyone Seeking Refuge!

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Michigan’s House of Representatives unanimously passed HB5768 yesterday, protecting “any person” from the Feds’ blatantly unconstitutional “indefinite detention” — you know, Section 1021 of the NDAA that undoes almost a millennium of habeas corpus. Said section asserts that Our Rulers may accuse us of terrorism and, without evidence or a trial, even a kangaroo one, order the military to sock us away, “indefinitely” no less. All you supporters of Ron Paul, returning vets, opponents of abortion, and libertarians should add Michigan to your list of sanctuaries against the Feds’ rounding up of dissidents-sorry, terrorists.

Michigan’s stance is especially heartening given another unanimous vote a few days ago: the Senate’s traitors sold us out with 2013’s version of NDAA. An amendment by Dianne “I’m Too Stupid — or Disingenuous? — to Write Clearly” Feinstein purports to restore a bit of habeas corpus while actually increasing the Feds’ legal authority to disappear us, a la Stalinist Russia. Wonder if Di would craft so sloppy an amendment were the subject an increase in congresscritters’ salaries.

8:18 am on December 7, 2012