Confusion, Condescension, and Gall

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The neocon cognoscenti, condescending to the last, daily perpetuate their war dialectic. Fact: Obama has done what Bush did — acquired the legitimacy of his undeclared war not from Congress, but from the UN — but wait!, More Important Fact: Obama is a liberal Democrat! Thus he and his team are dissonant and confused (unlike Powell, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz?) and run by women (unlike W, and his comforting cadre of Condi Rice, Karen Hughes, and Harriet Miers?).

No visible principle remains in the GOP-Neocon establishment that is not hijacked and mouthed for mere political convenience. “The Blue Team is bad,” scream the Red Team Cheering squads — “Even when they act just like us!!!”

We know what would happen if McCain had won — because McCain has already told us: he not only  supports a no-fly zone, but “more.” How many people think a President McCain would have asked for a Declaration of War first? Did he demand one of Bush? Well, who did, after all?

9:49 am on March 23, 2011