Confused Conservatives (or Do I Repeat Myself?)

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I’m not sure what is, but it looks like a conservative/libertarian-lite site. Today a Douglas Barclay. a conservative writer there, is angry that some people believe in property rights, and that no one should be forced, say, to bake a cake for someone if he doesn’t want to. This is John Locke 101. The nonaggression principle, if you prefer, though as a conservative he may not like that term.

His article is called “If Supporting the Gays Is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right.” (“The gays”?) Interfering with the decisions of property owners, in his view, is “supporting the gays.” So there is a political philosophy that holds property rights to be inviolable except when homosexuals and cakes are involved. I see.

He’s then angry when an Oklahoma legislator accidentally falls into the correct position and says the state should have no place in the marriage business one way or the other. The writer calls this “taking marriage away from everyone.” Got that? A conservative thinks that without the state, there’s no marriage. Poor, poor people during the centuries of Christendom: little did they know none of them were validly married.

11:19 am on February 26, 2014