Come See Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, and More

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Several events to bring to your attention. First, the Mises Circle in Houston takes place on January 26, and features Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, and Mises Institute faculty (including me). This year’s theme is “The Current Crisis: An Austrian Perspective.” A seminar for high-school students, taught by Peter Klein and Bob Murphy, meets the previous day.

Even sooner than that event are three events taking place this very week. On Wednesday (January 16) I’ll be speaking at a rally that will take place from 10am-1pm at the Missouri State Capitol Rotunda in Jefferson City. That night I speak in Topeka (where I live) at a Tenth Amendment Dinner. (I am still rather desperate to meet like-minded people here in Santorum country, so your presence would be welcome.) Finally, this Saturday there’s a forum on economic prosperity for Missouri taking place near St. Louis, where I and several others will be speaking.

5:34 pm on January 14, 2013