Come Home America

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I ask LRC readers to please go beyond the trite distorted stereotype of the late George McGovern which they will encounter in the mainstream media by agenda-driven regime stenographers (both left and right) and explore the wonderful literary portrait found in Bill Kauffman’s Aint My America: The Long, Noble History of Antiwar Conservatism and Middle American Anti-Imperialism.

“For those who have been neoconned into believing that conservatism means unquestioned support for the warfare state, Ain’t My America is the perfect way to show that real conservatives defend peace and liberty.”— Ron Paul

“This is my kind of book: historically grounded, fiercely honest, and wonderfully expressed. It is one of the best books I’ve read in years. Bill Kauffman is a conservative of the highest order, unlike the false brand now conducting our national affairs.”—George McGovern

As a young college student in 1972 I cast my first vote for president for Senator McGovern. I was faced with three alternative ballot choices: the Republican incumbent Richard M. Nixon, the Democratic challenger McGovern, and the American Independent Party candidate John G. Schmitz. John Hospers, the presidential nominee of the newly-formed Libertarian Party, was not on the ballot. There was no way I could vote for Nixon, the cretinous poster-boy for the welfare-warfare state. Schmitz had greatly impressed me in a Sunday morning television interview discussing the shocking details of a book entitled None Dare Call it Conspiracy written by Gary Allen (with Larry Abraham). He also mentioned the landmark research of Hoover Institution analyst Antony Sutton of how the United States and its NATO allies had built the Soviet Military-Industrial Complex. But my chief reason for choosing McGovern was the Rothbardian prime directive concerning the centrality of the foreign policy issue of war and peace. McGovern had been one of the most courageous and committed opponents of the Vietnam War. He had worked diligently with Senator Mark Hatfield (a Rothbard favorite) on resolutions to end this mass slaughter, and with Senator Barry Goldwater to end the draft. In the decades since casting that vote I have not regretted it.

9:40 am on October 21, 2012