Come and Party: Shaffer, DeCoster, and Butler in Minneapolis

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On the weekend of November 20th, I will be in Minneapolis, along with my dear pal, Butler Shaffer, his wife Jane, and some members of his (very libertarian) family. LRC columnist Bill Butler, a local guy, will also be there to join in the festivities. We will have an event, it seems, on Sunday (the 22nd) afternoon, or evening, or thereabouts. Shaffer will speak, I may speak, Bill Butler may speak, we all may give a talk, or maybe we’ll let someone else do the talking! As I understand, the event will piggyback with a regular Sunday evening Austrian Economics meetup. Either way, there will be some great libertarian presentations and/or debate, and plenty of winter brews. A location (in Minneapolis) is still in the works, as well as a definitive time and schedule for the festivities. The location will likely be a restaurant/tavern type setting, depending on the number of attendees. However, Butler Shaffer and I are *not* sharing our Anarchy or Heretic wines. In fact, we may even hold an adoption ceremony because Butler and Jane have long considered adopting me – the only hangup has been that they won’t let me stay out after the street lights go on…sigh.

To help us determine how many people we may need to accommodate, please email me if you are in the area and would like to attend. Contact me by going here. I will build a “mailing list” for the event and keep you all informed. If you come, do get a copy of one (or more) of Butler Shaffer’s great books, and have him personally sign your copy. Follow this link to Amazon in order to help make some dough if you order any books.

5:41 pm on November 9, 2009