Combining the Middle East with Central Planning = Yech!

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A senior fellow with the Council on Foreign Relations proposes that Middle Eastern countries be ruled under a centralized regime, similar to the EU. Yes, Mohamed “Ed” Husain of the CFR really believes that Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt will be better off — and more harmonious together! — if they and their populations would all just put aside their sovereignties and their differences and bow down to ruling elites in central paradise. (I’m sure the Israelis would be pleased with this one.) And I can see it now, members of the Middle Eastern Union Parliament discussing tax rates and business regulations. (Bailouts anyone?) Just look how well the centralized EU is handling their economic matters. And the US! Now there’s a “union” that’s doing well thanks to centralization.

Here’s a scene from the EU:

But in a Middle Eastern Union Parliament, would the naysayers and dissenters survive? (I mean physically survive — this is the Middle East we’re talking about!)

11:50 am on August 5, 2014