Coincidence Theorists

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The problem with not being a “conspiracy theorist” about the U.S. State is that you end up being a “coincidence theorist” as Michael Hasty explains:

By this theory, it is nothing more than “coincidence” that the membership of a neoconservative think tank, whose ambitions for a global American empire depend on public opinion being swayed by “a new Pearl Harbor,” stole their way into power and occupy key positions in the Bush regime. It is merely a “coincidence” that unnamed persons cashed in big time in trading United and American Airlines stocks in the week before 9/11. It’s entirely “coincidental” that the FBI supervisor who blocked the investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui’s computer, containing information about the hijacker’s 9/11 plans, got a $25,000 bonus.

11:14 pm on September 29, 2004