CNBC “explains” why they took the poll down

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Because Ron Paul was winning.

No firm allegation that there was spamming. Just in their humble opinion, there is no way Ron Paul is good enough to get 75% of the vote when no “scientific poll” rates him that highly.

It’s scary when you find out how dumb top executives can be.

To put up a poll where the respondents are self-selected and then attack it because it fails to mirror the results of polls where the respondents are not self-selected is just dumb.

Throughout all of history, politics has been dominated by small groups that had a greater intensity of interest than the rest. Our country is largely in a mess because it is ruled by small, elite, and secretive special interest groups. That’s okay, right CNBC?

But when the activists seek to change a system dominated by special interest groups, suddenly intensity of support is a fault, a vice, a crime.

7:12 pm on October 11, 2007