Clunker plan crushes Oklahoma’s used parts supplies

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The government’s Cash for Clunkers program has left some auto salvage yard owners angry and confused. They said it could cut back the supply of used cars and used car parts.

According to, the government’s official Web site on the CARS Act, the program requires trade-in vehicles be crushed or shredded so they will not be resold for use in the U.S. or elsewhere. Those responsible for crushing or shredding vehicles can sell some parts, but those parts cannot include the engine or drive train.

Tim Huskey, owner of Cars and Parts by Tim Inc. in Guthrie, is outraged over the federal program.

“This doesn’t make smart recycling sense, adding more cars to be crushed,” he said. “This is taking away from a man who needs to buy an engine for an older car that he can now get for around $700 and installed for another $500.”

[Thanks to John Hightower]

9:00 am on August 10, 2009