Close All Post Offices

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So the Postal Service, which just reported a $2.4 billion loss for the April-June quarter, is threatening to shut down 1,000 post offices across the country, including the one in the neighborhood I just moved out of and the one in the neighborhood I just moved into. They claim it’s necessary to cut costs.

Of course this is a bluff. They know that no one wants to have to drive twenty minutes to the post office, so people will look at the list of local branches supposedly marked for death, see their nearest branch on it, and then complain to their Congressman. Then Congress will give the USPS whatever bailout it needs to keep those offices and the rest of its racket running.

Congress will give in, but it shouldn’t. It should force the Postal Service to function like any other business, which would mean shuttering its entire operation.

5:32 pm on August 5, 2009