Classic Stockholm Syndrome

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Here’s a “national correspondent for The Atlantic” complimenting the TSA for treating passengers as if they’re only a little lower than dog doo-doo after all.

Mind you, the thugs didn’t do anything exceptional – none of them announced, “OK, we all know this is a sham, so the heck with it, just board your flights,” nor did they apologize for ten years of tyrannizing and terrorizing. Nope, our “correspondent” tells us, the goons merely “seemed relaxed [original emphasis]. There was no stentorian yelling about what to do with your computers and your shoes-and-gels. There was no one who looked like he or she was spoiling for an opportunity to show a passenger who was boss.”

So brutal and pervasive is the police-state’s abuse that wardens showing the barest minimum of very ordinary courtesy earn praise from a grateful serf.

11:48 am on October 20, 2011