Claire, You Make Me #veryuncomfortable‬

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Thanks to all you kind folks who sent me links to stories on Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), the senatorial slime complaining that the TSA gate-raped her, to wit:

“‘Today in my airport screening, test on my hands was positive,’ McCaskill [tweeted] to her 89,100 followers. [Really? 89,100 ‘followers’ (how very appropriate a term for these lemmings). Are there that many people with such empty lives that they wait for this twit’s every exhalation?] ‘Got private, more aggressive pat down. OMG. #veryuncomfortable‬.'”

Before we go any further, may I register my own complaint at the casual, utterly blasphemous omnipresence of the Lord’s name in the mouths of fools? Yeah, it’s a “small” transgression to us humans, especially compared with all the other evil this congresscriminal commits and assists. But  how dare fallen sinners bandy the Almighty’s name about as if it were just another exclamation on the order of “Hey!” or “Wow!” Nor does the acronym above mitigate the offense. Worse, this pagan disrespect to our Savior has infiltrated His body. I frequently hear Christians, even on His day in His house, tossing that Name which is above every name about as if it meant nothing.

Now that I’ve got that off my mind, let me add that while my sympathies usually and unquestioningly reside with the TSA’s victims, I merely laugh at Ms(erable) McCaskill and hope she was very, very, very #verycomfortable. Recall that she and her accomplices in the senatorial sewer can pull the plug on the TSA any time they like. Meanwhile, perhaps we ought not call for the TSA’s abolition. Perhaps we ought instead to establish its Thieves and Sexual Assailants in checkpoints at every single door to the White House, the Capitol, the IRS, the CIA, the EPA, the BATF, etc. And then let ‘em grope and steal to their hearts’ (providing they have any) content.

8:02 am on March 12, 2013