Cindy Sheehan vs. Bush

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LRC columnist Cindy Sheehan is getting some national attention due to a protest in Texas. A New York Times editorial today supports her protest: “Ms. Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq last year, is camping out near President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Tex., and says she won’t leave until Mr. Bush agrees to meet with her to discuss the war… she is tapping into a growing popular feeling that the Bush administration is out of touch with the realities, and the costs, of the Iraq war.” She has already gotten some response: “On Saturday, Mr. Bush’s national security adviser and the White House deputy chief of staff met with her beside a road a few miles from the ranch, but she is still insisting on a meeting with the president.” She thinks she may be arrested. Also, see

Update: Cindy Sheehan’s disturbing account of her meeting with Bush last year.

11:25 am on August 9, 2005