CIA Fake Publicity and Hoaxes

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Always count on the CIA for fake horrors that they blame on regimes they wish to topple. Gaddafi’s soldiers juiced on Viagra is one (as if young men needed Viagra!!). Remember the one about the Iraqis killing babies in incubators in Kuwait? (See here.) Syria is bound to be in the news with such stories now that Obama and Clinton are intent on removing Assad.

The wiki piece goes into detail about the public relations firm Hill & Knowlton’s role in spreading the incubator story, but it does not mention the CIA. For the CIA connection, see here:

“Former CIA official Robert T. Crowley, the Agency’s long-time liaison with corporations, sees it differently. ‘Hill and Knowlton’s overseas offices,’ he acknowledged, ‘were perfect “cover” for the ever-expanding CIA. Unlike other cover jobs, being a public relations specialist did not require technical training for CIA officers.’ The CIA, Crowley admitted, used its H&K connections ‘to put out press releases and make media contacts to further its positions. …H&K employees at the small Washington office and elsewhere, distributed this material through CIA assets working in the United States news media.'”

12:56 pm on April 3, 2012