Chris Matthews on Disobeying Illegal Orders

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To worry about oppression in America is un-American. To refuse to obey illegal orders is to endanger the country. To decline to use violence against the people is the equivalent of calling for violence against the state, which is the same as violence against the people. To think the president might violate the Constitution is the same as thinking UN black helicopters will kidnap you. And forget about Japanese Internment, the Patriot Act and the Bush administration’s abuses, and all other historical reasons to be wary of political power – to worry about liberty now is purely partisan, and only fueled by anti-Obama hysteria. This is the twisted logic of Chris Matthews, although his friend from the SPLC is even more pronounced in his paranoia of the paranoid. The biggest problem? Not the potential of armed agitation. The problem is the anti-government “mindset.” In today’s America, could there be a worse thought crime than being unhappy about the federal government? Indeed, isn’t it basically siding with the terrorists, and encouraging terrorism, to hold such distrust of the state?

3:40 pm on October 21, 2009