Cholesterol, the Medical Complex, and the State

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I’ve often linked Chris Masterjohn on this website over the years. Chris runs The Daily Lipid and Cholesterol and Health. This snippet is from the Cholesterol and Health website:

According to Michael Brown and Joseph Goldstein, winners of the Nobel Prize in 1985 for their discovery of the receptor that brings cholesterol into cells, the debate about the role of cholesterol in health and disease is a war.

They wrote the foreword to a recent book by Daniel Steinberg, MD, PhD, called The Cholesterol Wars.

In it, they call themselves and others “who condemn cholesterol as the culprit” the “anti-cholesterol forces.” They liken scientific advances in our understanding of this vital nutrient to “powerful new weapons” that have aided the “anti-cholesterol forces” just “like modern armies.”

…According to Brown and Goldstein, the next “battle” of the “Cholesterol Wars” will be fought over what age someone should be before they start cholesterol-lowering therapy. The ideal therapy, they say, is a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids.

As Chris notes, science is supposed to be a search for truth, not a war. However, it is the modus operandi of government and its assorted special-interest satellites to wage full war on any ideas that don’t conform to the conventional wisdom of the medical-pharmaceutical-nutritional establishment. The war on cholesterol, and the ensuing myths and lies of the establishment, has been tragic in terms of its long-term costs to society, freedom of health choice, and the overall health of individuals.

Chris, who moves around in Ancestral Health circles, has been a top expert on deconstructing this war on cholesterol for many years. He loved what he was doing so much that he went and got his PhD in Nutritional Sciences with a concentration in Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition. No small feat. His writings appeared on back as early as 2005. Dr. Mercola has just released an excellent interview with Dr. Masterjohn on all things cholesterol. Here is the transcript if you prefer reading to watching the video.

7:10 am on December 30, 2012