Chertoff Just Cares About Our Safety! Right

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After Rep. Ted Poe of Texas gave a brief speech on the House floor denouncing the TSA and its porn scanners and calling Michael Chertoff a “political hack” (I could think of a few other words as well), Chertoff’s little security minions fought back with a press release:

“The Chertoff Group played no role in the sale of whole body imaging technology to TSA,” said spokeswoman Katy Montgomery. “Further, Secretary Michael Chertoff was in no way compensated for his public statements, in which he has consistently expressed long held beliefs in the deployment of effective technologies and techniques that eliminate security vulnerabilities such as those illustrated last year during the terrorist attempt on Christmas Day. Any statements to the contrary are false.”

Every word in that statement was true, but put together, it was a very big lie. No one has accused Chertoff of making money for his appearances on the “Today Show,” “Good Morning America,” and elsewhere. He is accused of making money (millions of dollars) for his “consulting” work regarding “Rape-a-scan” products, including the porn scanner, which means we are saying he had a vested interest in what he was saying on those shows. He might not have been paid for appearing on the shows, but they provided free advertising for products that would put millions into Chertoff’s greasy pockets.

Furthermore, he was using his former KGB (because KGB actually did stand for “Homeland Security” or something close to it) position precisely as an “expert” who could convince the American sheeple that they needed porn scanners to be safe. I also find it interesting that his PR flack would refer to the Underwear Bomber, given that the porn scanner, while showing TSA goons genitals and breasts, would not have imaged the bomb itself.

The whoredom here is breathtaking. But, don’t forget that during the 1980s when Rudy Giuliani was waging war on the competitors of the Old Guard on Wall Street, one of his lieutenants was Chertoff. That was a time when Giuliani turned possible violations of obscure SEC regulations into RICO “crimes,” and during the process, Giuliani and his goons broke a number of laws themselves, although I don’t recall reading that Rudy G. and Chertoff ever indicted themselves for lawbreaking.

6:52 am on November 19, 2010