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Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

But National Review (increasingly indistinguishable from National Lampoon) gives you The Cheney if you agree with that headline (quoted verbatim, although their epithet I cannot repeat on a family blog).

And then (I’m sure you’re holding your breath), NR reveals the starting truth:

“He [Cheney] is a calm person, and he has a calming effect on others. He is the kind of man you want in public service — party or partisanship quite aside.”

I think a lot of folks — who used to be very rich — would say that about Bernie Madoff. Why, Cheney and Madoff have even more in common: neither one of them is in jail! And Cheney has said that everything he and Bush did was legal, because they haven’t been impeached! Bernie, call your office!

I’m sure Cheney said it calmly.

With apologies, I suppose, to Mr. Madoff for the comparison.

4:28 pm on January 15, 2009