Cheney: No Sense of Irony

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Lecturing in Shanghai and telling China its needs political as well as economic freedom, Richard “Blow-up-Iraq-and-kill-thousands-and-pay-Haliburton-to-rebuild-it-under-martial-law” Cheney declared that “Freedom is not divisible If people can be trusted to invest and manage material assets, they will eventually ask why they cannot be trusted with decisions over what to say and what to believe. The insights that foster scientific discovery are not suddenly lost when the topic turns to society’s ills.. [freedom] is something that successful societies, and wise leaders, have learned to embrace rather than to fear . . . Freedom has a power all its own, requiring no propaganda to find recruits, and no indoctrination to keep believers in line…. The war on terror must never be used as an excuse for silencing legitimate expressions of political dissent.”

3:31 pm on April 15, 2004