Cheney Endorses Lying and Crime

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In teaching ethics, I used to joke that, in Washington, if you’re not in jail, you’re ethical.

Joke, right?

Well, Dick Cheney takes it seriously: if the president isn’t impeached, everything he does is legal.

Cheney also says that presidents shouldn’t be bound by promises (“rhetoric”) that they made during campaigns.

Then, without batting an eyelash, he says that Israel’s invasion of Gaza without U.S. permission.

This poor man. His family is a disaster (his wife was driven to write lesbian soft-porn novels until the neocons finally got her a government job), he shoots his best friend “accidentally,” he hides in “undisclosed locations,” he celebrates his own public vulgarity … what a moth-eaten husk of a man. Has he ever told the truth about anything?

But be warned: as the Leviathan advances, the Obamaites will cite Cheney approvingly and shake his words in the face of the timid GOP congressional minority that remains: for they too will insist that whatever Obama does is legal, unless the (Democrat) Congress impeaches him.

Fat chance.

And to whom do we owe this budding tyranny? Well, it was Cheney and the noecons who led the way in renouncing the late Paul Weyrich’s prophetic warning to neocon Frank (Boeing Boeing) Gaffney, when he was advocating both the Iraq war and the “Patriot” Act:

“Never give to your friend any power that your enemy may some day inherit.”

Words to live by, alas. When ignored, liberty dies. And, like Gaffney, Perle gets Richer.

1:57 pm on January 4, 2009