‘Charles, You’ve Always Been a Radical’

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Writes Charles Burris:

Today in the hall outside my high school classroom I wished our principal a Happy Earth Day. I pointed out to her how I remembered celebrating the first one in 1970. I was a senior in high school and had walked two miles to school wearing a gas mask to make a dramatic statement about air pollution. She said, “Charles, you’ve always been a radical.” Struck by the incredible irony of her remark, I emailed her my LRC article of today precisely proving her point. But no chanting ecologically-correct haiku’s to Mother Gaia for my students. It was “Coup for the Day” in my history classes, where I proceeded to deconstruct the farcical conclusions of the Warren Commission Report, stressing the complicity of LBJ in those murderous high jinx.

7:39 pm on April 22, 2009