Blockian Change of Date

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Originally, I was scheduled to speak in St. Louis on 2/15/10 at Wash U and at St. Louis U on 2/16/10. Both of these dates have been postponed by one week, as follows:

Feb 22. St. Louis, MO 63130. Washington University Law School. Corner of Throop Drive and Snow Way, Noon – 2p.m. topic: “The Male/Female Wage Gap”; room number, tba; Contact: Stephen C Cassarino, 860-384-9374.

Feb 23. St. Louis, MO 63108. St. Louis University. 3701 Lindell Blvd. (intersection of Lindell and Spring); Noon – 1 pm, room number, tba; Topic: “The Cause and Cures of the Current Economic Crisis”; contact: Joseph Blewitt,

I did announce this change on this blog a few days ago, but the message hasn’t gotten out yet, as these two letters will attest:

Dear Walter,

I’ve made three of my fellow graduate students very interested in attending your talk on 2/16 in St Louis, as advertised previously on LRC. Since I don’t have a link to more information and cannot find information on your talk on the SLU web site, I just wanted to check with you if the schedule remains the same.

It will be great to see you again, and I expect you to push my friends over the “edge” into hard-core libertarianism. I’ve already made them “hot” for Austrian econ and [statist] libertarian ideas, but they aren’t convinced anarchists yet.



Per L. Bylund
Graduate Researcher
Division of Applied Social Sciences
University of Missouri
323 Mumford Hall
Columbia, Mo. 65211
-p- (573) 882-4627
-c- (573) 268-3235
-f- (573) 882-3958

Sent: Wed 2/10/2010 9:16 AM
To: Walter Block; Steve Cassarino
Subject: Fwd: Block, 2/16

Professor Block,

I have received messages over the past several from various people stating that they want to attend your presentation. However, they appear to be under the impression that the event is still occurring on Feb. 16th. You may want to inform whoever published that information to run a correction since the event has already been moved a week later for both the SLU and Wash U events.

That is just my thought.


So, please, Please, PLEASE, if you are going to attend one or both of these events, take note of the change of date. I wasn’t planning on speaking on anarchism, but can do so during the question period.

1:14 pm on February 10, 2010