Chairs Cause Obesity

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The Coca-Cola anti-obesity campaign has been a laughingstock, especially in the ancestral health and traditional food communities. The initial ad launch by Coca-Cola was mocked in this spot with a custom voiceover. Now Coca-Cola Spain has produced an ad titled, ‘What if we stand up?” In this ad, the chairs are in control, and if we humans can only release ourselves from this bondage, we can break free from our Chair Oppressors and obesity. The ad is supposed to convey bizarre humor, but still, the message at the end affirms Coca-Cola’s “commitment to fight an overweight and sedentary lifestyle,” so it’s no joke. Certainly, the 81 grams of sugar in one 24 oz. bottle of Coke is the breakfast of healthy champions who are fighting obesity.

7:11 pm on March 29, 2013