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Ron Paul wins another straw poll — this one in Ohio, by a landslide — and yet he is ignored like a tree falling in the forest. But don’t worry, he is making a noise. Such a noise, in fact, that his competition secretly envies him.

Oh, if they could only tell the truth about the Fed. (Ah, how entertaining to watch as some gingerly try to put their toe in that water!) Ooh, if they could only find the courage to admit that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme! Gee, if they could only have the conviction to cut the budget by a trillion dollars a year!

I remember a conservative senator who was fond of proposing unpopular legislation and amendments, and demanding recorded votes on them. Senators would accost him in the cloakroom, along these lines: “Dammit, I know you’re right, but why do you make us “vote” on this? It’s going to get me in trouble back home, either way!”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Ron Paul could make the Seven Dwarfs vote up or down on cutting the budget by a trillion dollars, instead of arguing ad nauseam about which scion of the Leviathan has hired more illegal aliens ?

The Seven Dwarfs are chained by their defense of the indefensible. Ron Paul, like the daimon of Socrates, is gloriously free, consistent, and persistent. He keeps gnawing at their collective conscience, nudging them, bugging them, annoying them. “Tell the truth, tell the truth!” Do they jump for joy? Or do they mutter, “Where’s the darn Hemlock”?

12:11 pm on October 23, 2011