Cenk Ugyur Deconstructs the Republican Disdain for Ron Paul

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Left-wing TV political commentator Cenk Ugyur goes into greater depth in deconstructing the overt campaign by the Establishment (i.e., Banksters-controlled) Republicans against Ron Paul. Two minor things I want to point out: (1) Listen to what left-winger Uygur says at 8:00. If you’re a conservative [italics mine], being true to the Constitution should appeal to you. More glaring proof that liberals hate the Constitution (except, of course, for the First Amendment—it gives them the freedom to spout all of their economic ignorance—and their distortion of the phrase “promote the general Welfare” in the Preamble). (2) It seems that Ugyur is backtracking from his leaning towards supporting peacemaker Paul over warmonger Obama. (Yet his guest, Tom Bevin, accuses the Republicans of cognitive dissonance!)

[Thanks to Farhad Kazemi]

8:50 am on December 22, 2011