Cell Phone Addiction

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When Jeff Tucker sent me a preview of his cell phone article yesterday, I replied with something like this:

“Jeff, as usual, you’ve convinced me. Still, I can’t help thinking that with some of the young’uns, the sense of self-importance that comes with cell phone use is a major factor behind the constant yapping. None of my business, you say, and who cares anyway: value is subjective. But the great bulk of these kids, sad to say, are wimpy, ‘multicultural,’ ill-mannered, ill-dressed ignoramuses who nevertheless think they have all the answers and have no patience for anything they can’t grasp in three seconds of what they consider concentration.

“Thus what you are overlooking is the pleasure I get from giving these self-important blowhards a few good rhetorical salvos. Their cell-phone use, in which they’re loud and without any consideration for those around them, reflects their personalities to a T.”

10:49 am on June 17, 2005