Celebrating Independence Day With TSA

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How funny to be inadvertently caught up in the July 4th mob scene at the Houston Airport this morning. Millions of Americans were traveling today, meeting up with family and friends to celebrate liberty and freedom as symbolized by our Independence Day.

But before they could celebrate our liberty and freedom…they first had to submit to either a radiation bath at the airport cancer scanners or an invasive groping from a flunky TSA agent if they “opted out”. The irony of the flag-waving masses slouching along in airport lines toward their inevitable date with the total state so that they could celebrate their liberty and freedom is no doubt lost on most.

One other observation: Sadly, no one “opted out” of the cancer screener machines to endure a TSA pat down while we were within view of the TSA checkpoint. However, at one point they opened both the metal detectors and the cancer machine and everyone given the option chose the less invasive metal detector. No one wants the cancer scanners, but no one wants to be singled out and embarrassed by a pat down. The psychological manipulation is nearly complete. Hail freedom!

4:18 pm on July 3, 2013