CC the Taxpayers!

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In response to my article on letting taxpayers see where their money goes, reader Brian Heyer suggests something else that I like a lot: why shouldn’t taxpayers be allowed to view (and search) every single e-mail that government employees send and receive? Not just through public-records requests, but right here on the web, in real time.

After all, my employer can read all of my e-mail that I send at work. If the bureaucrats and politicians supposedly “work for us,” then of course we should likewise be able to read all of their e-mail.

And there’s no need for government money to pay to keep the archive: surely Google or some other private service would be happy to do it.

(Of course, the idea that government employees “work for us” is bogus — they don’t work for me any more than a burglar who breaks into my house “works for me.”)

4:23 pm on February 22, 2008