Caught Red-Handed, The NYT Changes The Subject

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The New York Times is apparently miffed because it was caught plagiarizing a day-old story from the Daily News about Dick Cheney’s constant harassment of President Bush while Bush was busy saving the country from his Depression (Cheney was interested only in saving felon Scooter Libby’s right to go hunting with him while carrying a firearm).

So now the Times attacks the New York Post for a hilarious cartoon mocking the sham “stimulus” bill. Why? Because (shiver with anticipation) Al Sharpton has expressed “concern” that the cartoon is racist! After all, isn’t Obama the president, and aren’t minorities often depicted as primates, and my goodness, shouldn’t somebody be investigating this hate crime?

Of course, the Times ranges far and wide to find some addled “experts” to bolster huckster Al’s charade, but behind the faux moralizing lies the sad fact that the Times can’t even get the biggest story of the year straight.Which is: The “stimulus” wasn’t Obama’s bill, it was Nancy Pelosi’s. A thousand pages weren’t written in one White House weekend, they were retrieved from countless musty old Capitol Hill filing cabinets marked “failed left-wing initiatives from the past,” dusted off, stapled, and then bound together and shoved out onto the House floor disguised as a ‘rescue” package.

“Stimulus”? The Times may as well have called a 42nd-Street hooker a virgin bride.

Sharpton’s antics actually make the whole thing funnier. Ironically, by choosing him as its moral standard, the Times acknowledges that both the Old Grey Lady and “Tawana Al” Sharpton are bloviating has-beens.

8:13 am on February 19, 2009