Catoites on Hamilton v. Jefferson

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Will Wilkinson splains why Hamilton is better than Jefferson. For one, Jefferson was “anti-cosmopolitan”! But of course!

He was also “utopian” (does this mean principled)? He was also “sly, creepy, and an insufferable snob”–but wait, I’m confused, I thought he was NOT a cosmopolitan (aww, just FUNNIN’ ya cosmotards).

And golly, Jefferson was also a slaveholding racist–in contrast to Hamilton, whom Wilkinson says “was against slavery” — although, as wikipedia notes, Hamilton “returned an escaped slave to a friend … returned a fugitive slave to Henry Laurens of South Carolina … may have owned household slaves himself … and he did buy and sell them on behalf of others”; and no doubt, Hamilton would have been pleased as punch if one of his daughters had wanted to marry a black man–what else can you expect of a nineteenth century cosmopolitan?

Wilkinson also declares Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase to be unconstitutional, as it surely was–yet I wonder, hmm, whether Wilkinson joins with other Catoites in favoring a strained interpretation of the illegal Fourteenth Amendment to grant powers to the feds that were never intended…? (Thanks to Huebert for the link)

11:04 pm on April 8, 2008