“Captivated” Captivated Me!

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While propaganda on Boston’s goons “saving” Western civilization from a 19-year-old kid saturated the internet, I popped a DVD into my computer that gently rebukes our dependence on media.

Colin Gunn, my favorite filmmaker, directed Captivated: Finding Freedom in a Media Captive CultureI’m thrilled he hasn’t yet produced a DVD condemning my favorite vices: eating apple-pie for breakfast and reading way too much historical fiction. As it is, since I don’t own a TV, play video games, patronize “social media,” or sleep with my cell-phone under my pillow lest I miss a text-message, I savored Captivated with a clear conscience.

As I’ve come to expect with Mr. Gunn, Captivated includes plenty of jaw-dropping facts and interviews with experts — not the corporate media’s “experts” who recommend Leviathan as the solution for every problem, but scholars far more persuasive who instead cite the Word of God. Especially touching are the kids attending a camp that bars all electronics — that, in fact, isn’t even wired for electricity. They share with us how liberating it is to unplug for the first time in their lives.

This video is a wake-up call for anyone living digitally instead of in reality. It’s also a gentle rebuke to Christians who squander hours on entertainment — all of it worthless and much of it spiritually toxic — to redeem the time.

6:50 am on May 7, 2013