Capitalism and socialism in Manhattan

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As a photographer, I’ve been buying equipment from B&H for about ten years. Today, I finally had the chance to visit the store in New York City.

What an amazing experience for the shutterbug: lenses, cameras, lights, tripods, all kinds of video and media products –enough to spend the entire day there. Teeming with eager customers and helpful employees, B&H has developed a system to quickly deliver from their warehouse to the showroom any of the thousands of items that they sell. There are a series of interconnected rails that hang from the ceiling, as well as some elevators to move the merchandise to the checkout lanes. It was like being a kid in Wonka’s realm.

Walking back to the hotel (yes, with a B&H bag) and just a block from the store I saw that a business had been closed by the city government. We’ve all heard about departments of public health but what was particularly funny is the name of the NYC version: Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Does anyone know what “mental hygiene” means? Maybe the city inspectors fine establishments with poor taste?

10:41 pm on May 16, 2007