Canada’s Statist Criminals as Bad as America’s

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I asked, “Is Canada Freer than the US?” A Canadian responds:

Canada is actually a fascist country which is why the Heritage Foundation likes us. As background, let me explain the organization of the statist’s criminal enterprises. I will also address each of the points in your article.

There are three major English political parties. The NDP is a socialist party financed by the unions and those on the far left. They have no chance of getting into power. The Liberals are generally in majority power in Parliament because they straddle the centre, except for on economic issues where they are extremely pro-business (The managed-trade NAFTA was first proposed by a Liberal, for example). They will do anything to gain and then maintain power. I mean anything. The Conservatives consist of two ‘wings': the Red Tories who are like Democrats; and the Blue Tories, who are like Republicans.
In practice this means that Liberals are always in power until their corruption, greed or mismanagement gets them thrown out occasionally (like now). The media always present three points of view which they skew to make the Conservatives look radical and evil. So, anything ‘conservative’ or ‘libertarian’ is labeled as ‘American’ and immediately the federally-funded Canada Council funds a bunch of university professors and their publishers and distributors to write scathing books to vilify any non-conventional idea. In order to maintain power the Liberals keep Bay Street happy with pro-business policies, and get legislation past by tossing bones to the socialists. (That’s how we got f—-d (sorry for the language but that’s the only appropriate word) with the ‘Health Care’ system that inflicts its sadist, cruel, monopolistic, bureaucratic ways on us daily.) The Conservatives are always fighting each other and have trouble staying cohesive. (In the 90’s, the Conservatives were actually divided into, at one point, 5 separate parties.)

Empire? 2/3rd’s of Canada lives along a small strip along the St. Lawrence River. The rest of the country is essentially a colony (the Liberal’s new proposed ‘Green Plan’ will screw everyone outside the populated corridor if they get into power.)

Police State? Ever heard of a ‘Minister’s Security Certificate’? Indefinite detention. We look at you Americans freaking out about the ‘Patriot Act’ and say, “Welcome to our reality buddy.” An internationally-known recognized symbol of Canada is a Mountie. A policeman. And you state that Canada is not a police state? The first thing the English did when they decided they needed a railroad across Northern North America so they could get troops quickly to Hong Kong if necessary is murder the leader of a group of settlers who wanted their own country outside of European control (Louis Riel). Then they sent in armed thugs (the Northwest Mounted Police, who later became the Royal Canadian Mounted Police), to ‘establish’ their presence and forcibly remove any American in the territory they were claiming as theirs. If you look at the names of all the major cities in Western Canada, they all used to start with the word ‘Fort’. Who established those forts? Cops. School children are taught it was to ‘protect’ the Indians from American whiskey traders. But it was only about military control. Children again are taught, Americans live by the motto ‘freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ Canadians by the words ‘peace, order and good government’. As any libertarian understands, the second concept is in direct contradiction to the first. And of course the last concept is a classic oxymoron.

Prisoners? Obviously you’re not an aboriginal. Their incarceration rate is appalling. The Conservatives are busy building new prisons.

Property Rights? WTF!!!!???? is the Heritage Foundation thinking? There are no property rights in the Constitution (don’t get me started on that document), or in theory, or practice.

Freedom? Haven’t heard of provincial ‘Human Rights Commissions’? If you publish the infamous ‘Danish cartoon’ in your magazine: $100,000 in legal fees. Result? Bankruptcy. Review a book in your magazine that a Muslim complains about? Hauled up in front of a panel like it’s the Spanish Inquisition. It is a well known policy of Canada Customs to seize ‘inappropriate’ books and magazines at the border. At any time your car can be stopped for no reason and you will be questioned (Check Stops). Want to have a public event without paying for ‘policing’? Good luck with that. Want to go duck hunting? You need an annual permit for your firearm. If you have this permit, you agree that at any time, a police officer can enter your premises without a warrant to ensure the firearm is being stored ‘safely.’ Hand guns are prohibited (except in the hands of a government agent). Religious programs on TV are essentially censored if they want to keep their license to operate. You would not believe what ‘The Copyright Board’ is proposing, or some of the other proposals being negotiated with other countries to deal with ‘intellectual property.’ Access to herbal medicines and vitamins (VITAMINS!) are about to be severely restricted. If it wasn’t nearly 3:00 a.m., I would go on for hours. With a little scotch poured in me, I often do. But first; you have to endure my obligatory tirade about how much taxes are on booze.

If you want to establish a business doing something conventional like drill for oil or start a mining company, you may think Canada is free because the statists need money. Especially money from big American corporations who fund the Heritage Foundation. Also, it is in the interest of Republicans to ensure the Conservatives stay in power, and the way the Bank of Canada is devaluing our currency in-step with the Federal Reserve probably also has something to do with their position. Also, on the last day of Parliaments’ sitting before the summer break, the Conservative parties military spending estimates were posted which show massive spending plans on the statist tools of violence the Heritage Foundation probably loves.

Say the wrong thing, start a business that ‘the establishment’ considers a threat, be the wrong ethnic origin, live in the wrong part of the country, be ‘too successful’, don’t play enough of the ‘right’ music on your radio station, don’t label your products packaging or your store front in the right language, or God forbid; get sick and you will soon find that Canada is not very free at all.

In the past, we would just move to the States. But that isn’t really an option anymore because your country has gone insane…

3:45 pm on July 1, 2008