Can You Pass This Teacher Test?

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Lew, government schools are run not only by feminists, but by **dumb** feminists (or do I repeat myself)? Our friend Walter Williams has called teachers’ colleges (sic) the “slums” of most universities. He cites the tests these teachers can barely pass  — but “success” allows them to get into the classroom and tyrannize the nation’s children.

I warn you, the problems are really hard. OK, education majors, pencils ready! Here’s a tough one! No peeking at your neighbor, please!

Question 2: Martin Luther King Jr. (insert the correct choice) for the poor of all races. a) spoke out passionately, b) spoke out passionate, c) did spoke out passionately, d) has spoke out passionately or e) had spoken out passionate.

Did you pass? Congratulations, Teacher! Have an apple. And colleges wonder why their students are increasingly female? Why boys come to hate school? And why colleges nationwide dumb down their grades (a.k.a grade inflation) more every year, even in the Ivy League?

Many thanks, Lew, for spoken out so passionate.

10:16 am on January 2, 2013