Can You Believe This Idiot?

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OK, OK, how many times do you say that under your breath every day without posting the offending material?

But the Little Frummer Boy is just too much. Why is the GOP losing the youth vote, he asks — ignoring the fact that it’s losing the middle-age vote, the old vote, and every other voter category.

Is it because of the Little Frummer Boy’s favorite Iraq War “I coined the ‘Axis of Evil'” game?

Not a chance! Frumus Neoconus must ALWAYS blame somebody else! Naturally, the sweetheart of National Review wants the party to move further left, in order to attract the kids!

The crafty Canadian dares not acknowledge the wild popularity of Ron Paul among the young, including the military. Somehow, the Frumpy Frumster thinks kids want socialism. I mean, look how happy those East German kids were under Honnekker (minus those losers who committed suicide, of course).

Liberty? How boring! I mean, the Little Frummer Boy would be left sitting by the side of the road! Now we can’t have that, can we?

This guy is really the bottom of the barrel — which is admittedly pretty crowded these days.

9:38 am on April 9, 2008