Can We Call Syrian Rebels Terrorists Now?

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Finally even the UN Security Council has recognized what many (mainstream media under the spell of the bogus Syrian Observatory excluded) have been pointing to all along: the “rebels” seeking to overthrow the Syrian government are terrorists. In the wake of the horrific bombing in Aleppo on Wednesday, which indiscriminately slaughtered scores of civilians and left many more horrifically wounded, the UN Security Council finally saw fit to condemn the perpetrators.

We should not kid ourselves, however. The propaganda will continue. We are being told that this is the work of one small radical faction allied with al-Qaeda. However this is just a technique of isolating this indefensible act from the rebellion as a whole. But it is a lie. Time and time again the rebels have attacked civilians and blamed the attacks on the government. It is how a guerilla insurgency is fought.

This is the rebellion to which the Obama administration has recently pledged an additional $45 million.

Turkey, which is undergoing a moral crisis over the Erdogan government’s hosting of and support for the terrorists attacking Syria, is by virtue of its acts of war against its neighbor a combatant in the conflict. But when a Syrian shell targeting those same rebels that Turkey harbors happens to land over the Turkish border, the US/NATO/Israel client state Turkey comes crying to NATO for a full-scale invasion. Increasingly the Turkish people are opposing the disastrous policies of their current government as they begin to see and experience the blowback from intervention in the Syria conflict.

George Galloway stated his position very well in a video linked by Lew Rockwell yesterday: “I am not with the Syrian regime. I am against their enemies because their enemies are worse than them.” We non-interventionists vow to remain neither for nor against any side, but rather battle against our own governments’ involvement by challenging lies and propaganda that fuels that unhealthy impulse.

Though, incomprehensibly, many still attempt to blame this horrific attack in Aleppo on the Assad government, the world may be slowly starting to realize that this (warning: graphic) is the face of the “Syrian Liberation.”

10:47 am on October 6, 2012