“Can I See YOUR ID Also?”

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This is what took place last night at the grocery store:

Cashier: I need to see your ID for the alcohol.
Manuel: Here you go…[grumble grumble]
Cashier: Yours too, ma’am. [to my wife]
Melissa: What if I had been here alone with an underage son?
Cashier: Good question. Let me ask.
Experienced Cashier: Then you would not have been able to purchase alcohol. [!!!]
Manuel: But that doesn’t stop me from giving anyone alcohol later on, even in the parking lot.
Cashier: Yes but that’s the policy.

So now you know, parents, how to handle the alcohol policy at Tops. Thankfully most libertarians are capable of seeing through the silly policy. The stores are terrified of being fined and/or having employees charged with criminal activities.

10:09 am on December 1, 2008