Can I just say something?

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I cringe when I hear someone say “Ron Paul can’t win the nomination.”

I think to myself, “What’s your track record for predictions?” Few people have one, let alone a good one.

I’m “only” 49 years old but have spent nearly forty years watching national politics. (Dad was a judge when I was a boy.) I recall HHH coming into town in ’68. I watched the convention on TV.

Unlike most of the naysayers, I do have a documented track record of accurate predictions about national politics in 2004 and this year.

And I say that no one knows for certain who will and who will not win the Republican nomination. I think and have thought all along that Ron Paul can win the nomination and that his chances improve every day.

No one who says he can’t win has a proven track record of predictions and none would bet their house on it, so enough with the false bravado.

8:41 pm on November 9, 2007