Cameron Proves Greenwald Right

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British authorities detained Glenn Greenwald’s partner, David Miranda. Greenwald naturally has responded.

Another response by someone who knows both Miranda and Greenwald has appeared, under the title of this blog “Cameron Proves Greenwald Right“. (Thank you, Don Diego.)

I saw this news item last night and I thought the same. It shows that terrorism and terrorism statutes have become sorry excuses for government intimidation and much worse invasions of rights. Terrorism has become a blanket term which is an excuse for all sorts of police and government malfeasance. The terrorism state can be added to the long list of other adjectival states like the surveillance state and the regulatory state. All these states need to be dismantled. At a bare minimum, they need to be treated with a strong disinfectant and cleanser.

9:31 am on August 19, 2013