Calling Ron Paul’s Fans

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Michael Alford has contributed another book to the oeuvre on Ron Paul, Swindled: How the GOP Cheated Ron Paul and Lost Themselves the Election. If the Rethugs’ dirty tricks, lies, and utter corruption sickened you, you’ll relish this condemnation of the whole sordid business. That goes double if you attended or were a delegate to the state or national conventions.

After reading, be sure to review Swindled on Amazon. As someone who has also published there, I can testify to the importance of reviews. They not only persuade shoppers to purchase your book, they help in a great many other ways as well. For example, many websites that promote e-books won’t consider posting a blurb unless the volume has attained a certain number of reviews and stars. One of the biggest favors you can do an author whose work you have enjoyed is to review it for him on Amazon (nor need the review be lengthy or endlessly gushing: a simple, “I enjoyed Alford’s book and strongly recommend it” is sufficient).

12:13 pm on January 18, 2013