Calling All Pervs

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TSA hiring workers for Portland International Airport,” says the headline of an article that offers details on becoming a whore. How much do the Feds pay for groping other people’s genitals? “Part-time positions start out at $14.72 an hour plus benefits.”

But that’s not why I’m bothering you with this; the readers’ comments are. Check out those from “jdminpdx,” who warns off wannabe gate-rapists with the following revelations: “…I did this job for about 4 months and quit. Sure it pays wel [sic] but what is involved and how they train yo [sic] to treat people is enough to make anyone quit. The operations office has a full board of TSA agents wanting to give away their shifts. Many I know still remain because of the benefits. Almost everyone I know still there hates their job there. Stay away if you want to have an enjoyable job.”

In a second post, he adds, “When I left [TSA], I moved back in to the airline industry, that I had been in for a few years prior. It’s much more enjoyable. Yes it has stressful moments but I enjoy the job. TSA was awful. I could get into specific details but I would end up writing a book. The turnover rate is extremely high. They’re also full of lies.” Ahem. “The body scanner? TSA says that nobody views the naked scans. That’s BS. There is an office that is manned by a couple of agents who view the naked scans. The scanner itself has a cheesy cartoon style picture that is supposed to be in full view of passengers to make them feel better about going through them. I could go on and on. I know every job has the highs and lows but TSA was always low.” [Emphasis added.]

Welcome back from the dark side, jdminpdx! Glad you were too decent to crawl for long in the gutter with these liars, deviants, and sadists. Oh, and thanks very much for the warnings.

5:24 am on August 8, 2012