‘Call Me or I Won’t Do My Job’

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Just about the time you think the dimwits in office can’t possibly become any more ludicrous, they prove you wrong.

Meet Tick Segerblom, a state senator in Nevada. Tick boldly advertises that he has no principles, no respect for the rule of law or the Constitution, and no cojones: not only is he “blocking Nevada’s Anti-NDAA legislation,” but when “PANDA [People against the NDAA] Nevada’s State Team Leader, Chris Corbett, met with Senator Segerblom last week,” Tick flippantly announced:  ”If people really care about this bill, they’ll call me.”

Imagine a guy so venal, craven, and lonely that he demands phone calls – Tick dislikes emails and will not accept them, despite the good folk of Nevada handsomely paying this slug to communicate with them – before protecting his constituents from the Feds’ depredations.

And yet most Americans insist we need government. Go figure.

7:30 am on April 4, 2013