California Schemin’?

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Writes H.C.: “After sifting through the results of California’s primary, a phenomenon has occurred that can only be explained as a statistical miracle.

“In California, a state larger and more diverse than many countries, each and every congressional district returned the same result. The Republican candidates placed first through fourth in the same order and in nearly the same proportion except for CD 52 where in an inexplicable fit of randomness, Romney beat McCain. It’s astonishing.

“Note to RNC: next time you need a hack, you might consider contracting with the 10 Ron Paul spammers. At least their work is convincing.”

UPDATE: “Romney has since won CD 21 by 216 votes or .4%, and CD 42 by 73 votes. Ron Paul’s numbers, however, remain unchanged.”

12:11 am on February 7, 2008