California Entrapment Scheme

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In regards to repealing the 21-year-old drinking age law, as suggested by Lew and Laurence, the California prohibitionist dictators have gone into the entrapment business. As reported on the public radio show Marketplace, police departments and sheriffs across California have recruited “Volunteer Youth Decoy” high school students to ask strangers outside liquor stores to do them a favor and buy some booze and/or cigarettes for them. In one day, the Golden State Carrie Nation-warriors made over 500 arrests. I guess the police in California have nothing better to do than arrest innocent adults who probably instinctively understand how condescending these nanny state laws are as well as futile, as the teens will get their alcohol or cigarettes one way or another.

While it appears that the public radio reporter, who rode in an unmarked police car during these operations, didn’t seem to question any police as to whether this scheme could possibly stink of entrapment, she did say toward the end of her report, “For me, trapping somebody who thinks they’re doing me a favor is too much. It makes me feel callous and dishonest.” Ya think?

So, many people are waking up to the idea that laws against victimless “crimes” shouldn’t be on the books, associated with alcohol or otherwise, when no victim exists. The real criminals here are government police who entrap innocents and arrest them, thereby endangering their lives by bringing them into government police stations where there are actual criminals (both private and public). With the thousands and thousands of violent crimes reported every year in California, you’d think that their government police might try to focus on that instead.

8:48 am on April 27, 2014