Calderon Is Not Alone

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From Guillermo in El Salvador:

I was astonished to hear El Presidente Calderon speaking English at a Rose Garden press conference and later at a joint session of Congress. I was disgusted, too, at the applause he got for his anti-Arizona remarks. On immigration, why not a complete freedom to cross borders? I know that the last two Salvadoran presidents have criticized American immigration policy on American soil. Salvadorans want it both ways: they want immigration reform AND citizenship privileges in the Old Country. The Salvadoran state maintains an extensive network of consulates in the United States. There, Salvadorans can renew their “DUI” (the national state ID card), register to vote, and VOTE in Salvadoran elections. No election campaign is complete until candidates have visited “los hermanos lejanos” in “El Norte.” Meanwhile, poor Hondurans found working sugar cane harvests are summarily bused to the border and booted out of El Salvador.

6:16 am on May 21, 2010