Cal Thomas’ Pathetic Article

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Christopher, I always have to laugh when I see the Republican stalwarts talking about their “conservative revolution.” Take the following from Cal Thomas, who certainly provides a laugh-a-minute:

“Which of the principles articulated by Ronald Reagan, and the conservative revolution he led, does the GOP believe has failed? Lower taxes? Reduced spending and smaller government? Self-reliance? Strong defense? Defeating our enemies so they will fear and respect us, instead of appeasing them in hopes that they might like us? If such principles remain valid, why don’t more Republicans articulate them?”

Uh, when did the Republicans give us “smaller” government? During the Republican “revolution,” government authorities were given much more power than before. Our prison population in the past two decades has grown from about 300,000 to more than two million, mostly because of the failed Republican Drug War that Ronald Reagan initiated.

Thomas has supported the war in Iraq, which is responsible for much of the growth in spending. Is Thomas against torture, the decimation of habeas corpus, or the way that Americans have been creating havoc abroad?

No, in the end, “conservatism” is about the power of the American state and nothing else. Thomas has been the cheerleader for the Leviathan State for many years, and he is not about to change now.

1:08 pm on May 20, 2008