Buying More Chalabis

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Without asking Congress or the American people, Obama bravely, boldly, and brazenly hands out billions more of our dollars to foreign dictators, con men, corruptos, enablers, criminals, torturers, and other assorted desert “democrats.”

As with everything done in the Chicago Way, there is political chicanery cloaked in this immoral and unconstitutional waste of our vital resources. Obama is now asserting himself as the New Bush, cheering on the imperialist march towards worldwide democracy and the end of evil as we know it. Child King Kid Kristol has already anointed him a “born-again neocon.” The coast is clear.

In practical terms, that means Obama is carving up the rump Bush coalition into little chunks, and scattering them about in disarray. The neocons, of course, are bought easily — but countless pathetic puffed-up patriots will also wind up cheering him on in the end,  just watch — after all, they will hear a familiar refrain: “Who is not with us is against us” — a purloined drumbeat which  Obama will broadcast endlessly in the coming even-numbered year.

Unless the GOP nominee is willing to tell the truth about “both” corrupt parties, Obama will divide and conquer. No wonder 52% of Republicans want a “third party” — actually, a second one, to oppose the bipartisan gaggle of corruptos who have  brought our country low.

8:19 am on May 19, 2011