Buy? Sell? Invade? Or Bomb?

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When my Delta air miles expired, I thought I’d take their offer to receive The Wall Street Journal, Barrons, and Forbes for a while.

Well, as Sherlock Holmes once said, “Watson, when I say you are instructive, I mean that I learn from your mistakes.”

All of these supposedly helpful and sagacious media aggressively tout the bailout and all its progeny – and, of course, it’s always time to Buy! Buy! Buy! But today they outdo themselves, with an overlong article by Cheney stooge Saakashvili insisting on his innocence in his country’s invasion of South Ossetia.Now the U.S.G. gives Georgia a billion of your taxpayer dollars a year, so Saakashvili can well afford to pay McCain’s ex-forpol advisor big-time to write this shopworn treacle. On the same editorial page, the WSJ trumpets amnesty at home and “action” on Iran at home.

Time to buy, indeed. In order to arrest the dementia that Paul Gigot apparently treasures, may I suggest today’s insightful piece by former WSJ editorial board member Craig Roberts.

And Danke vielmals to Angela Merkel, still smarting (and smarter) since Bush’s Bozo backrub, for nixing Georgia and Ukraine from NATO membership (you remember, that’s the club all of whose members we get to fight for if they’re “invaded” like Georgia wasn’t).

And sell. Sell. Sell!

3:04 pm on December 2, 2008