Bush’s Promised Land

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This morning the Lying Neocon News Channel (LNNC), otherwise known as the Fox War Channel, interviewed the author of two books entitled “God and President Reagan” and “God and President Bush.” (Clinton was often seen caryying that 20 pound Bible into church, but our author skipped him).

The apparent theme of the books is that Republican Party propaganda is the word of God. Or so the party leaders say. This of course is vintage Jaffa-ite superstition: In a speech published recently in Imprimis Jaffa claims that Lincoln’s political speeches were all “right reason” and that “right reason” is the word of God. Thus, Abe’s political rhetoric is the word of God (except for that 1848 speech where he defended the right of secession).

Bush claims to believe this extraordinarily insane line of argument. He claims that just as Moses was reluctant at first to lead his people to The Promised Land, so was he . . . until Republican Party hacks–and his daddy–convinced him to run for president after just one term as Texas governor and barely a decade on the wagon.

Well, Bush’s “Promised Land” is now on display for all to see in Iraq: Lying us into war, a thousand young Americans dead for no good reason, thousands of young Americans maimed for life for no good reason, tens of thousands of other deaths, hundreds of billions of dollars in destruction, ongoing mass killing, the breeding of more and more terrorists hell bent on revenge, and the whole world sees us as arrogant bullies and mass murderers who do so for the fun of it, kind of like NFL Sunday.

And scholars claim that the notion of the “divine right of kings” died out in the Middle Ages.

8:46 am on August 19, 2004